The School System

What is the school system?

The school system is definded by the Merriam Webster Online Dictionary as "the aggregate of the public schools of an area under the administration of an executive officer who represents and is responsible to the board of education for that area". What that means is that there are multiple public schools in a certain area, that are all owned by one group, called a "board", that a) represent the school board, and b) are therefore responsible for all of the school board's actions, including the education of the students. In Canada, the school system is funded federally, provincially, and sometimes locally (5.4% of the GDP goes to education).

What is a system, anyway?

The Merriam Webster Online Dictionary defines a system as "a regularly interacting or interdependent group of items forming a unified whole". That means there are different parts to a system that work together to form a system, a unified whole, that serves a purpose together and completes a job. We can use the circulatory system as an example:

How is the school system like the circulation system?

The school system can be compared a basic system like this:

...And can be compared to the circulatory system like this:

What is the main problem(s) with the school system?

The main problems I have identified with the school system is that a) the role of technology can be messed up and end up not being beneficial and b) the school system can fail at it's purpose, to prepare students to participate in the democratic society of Canada. I will address these issues (& more!) once you start your online journey by going to this link: